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Fun and easy to follow Quick Guides are a great resource for the curious or serious about handwriting analysis. Format: downloadable pdf.

Are you sexually cmpatible with your mate

Quick Guide: Are You Sexually Compatible outlines how the lower loops in the letter's 'g' and 'y' can reveal valuable information regarding sexual tendencies. This Quick Guide offers a brief summary of 22 different strokes that range from the perfect love stroke to the swinging leftward movement stroke found in the writer who needs constant change and variety. 


Is Your Mate Cra Cra

Quick Guide: Is He Cra Cra?

outlines some pretty specific strokes found in the handwriting of Mr. Cra Cra. Handwriting Analysis can spot the warning signs allowing you the knowledge to see any red flags and move on or buckle up and enjoy a relationship filled with games, betrayals, emotional heartaches, lies, stubbornness, endless arguments, possible financial loss or even worse... aggression.


How to read your mates handwriting

Quick Guide: When It Comes to Sex...size does matter can be used as an excellent visual reference when trying to determine your lovers physical, material and sexual needs. The lower zone in handwriting indicates physical and sexual energy. The average person produces two or three different loop (or straight-stroke) formations in the lower zone indicating a healthy, imaginative interest in sex. But watch out for the wide or malformed lower zone letters. 


Handwriting reveals if you are in for a wild ride

Quick Guide: Are You in for a Wild Ride outlines 12 upper zone stroke examples. The upper zone reveals information about a writer's creativity, imagination, intelligence, and religious aspirations. The upper zone also reveals the superego, the writer's outlook on the future, emotional stability and the upper part of the body. This is where you can tell whether the writer represses their feelings with a forgive and forget attitude OR they enjoy holding on to a good grudge!


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