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Quick Guide: Is He Cray Cray

Quick Guide: Is He Cray Cray


When you're starting out in a new relationship it can be pretty hard to tell whether your new lover is really trustworthy or whether you should run like HELL! Sure—he's got all the goods and ooh la la do you like his goods but what happens to your heart when the shine wears off the apple and his true nature comes out to play?


Just take a look at our Quick Guide: Is He Cray Cray? If some pretty specific strokes can be found in his handwriting then you've spotted Mr. Cray Cray. In handwriting, every stroke equals a trait and every trait equals a behavior. Handwriting can spot the warning signs allowing you the knowledge to heed the warning signs and move on or buckle up and enjoy a relationship filled with games, betrayals, emotional heartaches, lies, stubbornness, endless arguments, possible financial loss or even worse aggression.


Of course, if you want to just have some's okay to go on a date with Mr. Cra Cra. But if you're looking to get your heart involved you should remember, handwriting NEVER lies.


Quick Guides are perfect for the expert wanting to make the most of their handwriting analysis skills or as a terrific visual reference for someone just curious about handwriting.


Format: downloadable pdf



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