Handwriting Slant Gauge

Handwriting Slant Gauge

The slant in handwriting is the way the individual letters lean (left or right). We are taught in school to shape our letters in a fairly upright (vertical) manner. The instant we are freed from supervision we start the process of expressing our own individuality and one area that visually communicates our personality is the way we choose to slant our writing. The Handwriting Slant Gauge allows you to quickly and preciously analysis the handwriting slant revealing even more details about the writer. The Slant Gauge is printed on premium translucent vellum paper and is designed to lay over the handwriting sample. Also included is a printed key guide. Slant Gauge measures 5" x 2 ¾". This tool is absolutely invaluable when analyzing handwriting.

    Slant guide measures 2 ¾" × 5" and is made of a high quality translucent Vellum paper and printed in color.


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