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how can it really help—you ask?

how well do you really know yourself?

Size matters! Small letters indicate a writer who is shy, a little withdrawn, studious, is meticulous and can concentrate when needed. Average size writing indicates a person who is well-adjusted and adaptable. Large writing and letters is a tell-tale sign of someone who is outgoing, outspoken, loves attention land is people-oriented. But this type of writing can also indicate a person who puts up a front and pretends to have a lot of confidence.

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Studies suggests writing with wide spacing between the words indicates a writer who enjoys their freedome and doesn't like to be overwhelmed or crowded. But writing with narrow spacing between the words is found in writing of those who can't stand to be alone and tend to crowd people and are at times very intrusive without even realizing it.

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Writing with good even pressure can indicate a writer who is good with commitments and taking things seriously. If the pressure is excessively heavy, you'll find a writer who tends to be uptight and can react quickly and negatively to criticism. Light pressure writing is found in a writer who is sensitive and shows great empathy but they may also lack vitality and giddy-up.

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Long t-stem crossers tend to be very determined & enthusiastic. But they also tend to be stubborn & have a hard time letting things go. Writers with short t-crosses can be lazy and show a lack of determination.

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An open o indicates a writer who is talkative, social, and able to express their feelings. They couldn't keep a secret if their life depended on it and they share much and often about themselves. On the otherhand closed o's suggests a writer who is a bit introverted, tends to keep things to themselves, and isn't big on sharing personal feelings. If you told them not to tell a secret they would take it to their grave.

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People who make their capital 'I' (when referring to themselves) larger tend to be a arrogant. People who make their capital 'I' (when referring to themselves) smaller than other capital letters in their writing tend to be happy with themselves.

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The dot says a lot! Dot's high over the 'i' indicates great imagination. An dot to the left of the i is found in the write who procrastinates. Those who circle their i-dot's are visioinaries and often child-like. Slashing dot over an i indicates an overly self-critical, writer who doesn' have a lot of patience for inadequacy or people that don't learn from their mistakes. And a writer who places the dot directly over the i is detail-oriented, organized, and emphatic in what they say and do.

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An analysis of your handwriting can reveal in detail personality traits as well as some of your strengths, weaknesses, gifts and talents.


It can also reveal how you will react to situations and people and it can help you uncover your psychological and intellectual profile, such as:

  • what type of person are you attracted to 

  • what jobs you are best at

  • how you handle stress

  • why you are drawn to certain things and types of people

​Handwriting analysis is an objective analysis of who you are and why you do the things you do. We can't change and grow if we don't know what motivates, inspires and turns us on!

Handwriting analysis can reveal our true selves and help us pinpoint problem areas in our lives and relationships. For example, you may be accusing your partner, mother, or co-worker of being intolerant, selfish or over-sensitive without realizing that you have your fair share of these same traits. Handwriting analysis can help you spot positive as well as negative traits in your handwriting. While a handwriting analysis will almost certainly result in some unexpected discoveries, it can also lead you to a greater understanding of yourself, your goals and the way you deal with others.

what can handwriting really reveal?

Handwriting analysis reveals character in a variety of ways. How you form letters, the strokes you use, the general style of writing all provide clues. Handwriting can reveal an unbelievable amount of information about its writer such as:


  • How reliable are you

  • How good do you feel about yourself

  • Are you and extrovert or an introvert

  • How emotional are you

  • Are you tactful

  • How much energy do you have

  • Do you distance yourself from others

  • How decisive are you

  • How do you overcome day-to-day obstacles

  • Do you have a jealous nature

  • How truthful are yourself & others

  • How well do you communicate your feelings

  • How do you act in social situations

  • Do you have a sense of humor

  • Are you sexually compatible

  • Are you logical or intuitive

  • Are you clear-thinking or confused

  • What motivates you

  • Are you happy, content, sad, depressed

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