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what does your t say about you?

The letter "t" is one of the most important letters in analyzing handwriting because it reveals more than 80 different personality character traits.


Curious to know what your “t” says about you? Write the following sentence in your natural handwriting.

I think glitter is a must.

Now compare your t's to the examples below and check the ones that apply to your writing. If you don't see your t's in any of the examples it’s no big deal as these are just a few samples and this exercise was just for kicks and giggles anyway. 

P.S. and by the way...

It is not uncommon to find up to five different t's in a persons writing.
Sneaky Pete.jpg
Writing in air- LOVE.png

Only five results are shown at a time but you can clear the results box and check for more results as many times as you would like. 

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