Welcome to my site. If you're looking for Tina Frost, Graphic Designer, Marketing Guru and Creator of Whimsy... you've found me. But here's the thing, I'm officially retired from the business of Graphic Design and am now focusing on my 30+ year passion of Handwriting Analysis. So, if you'd like to know what your handwriting says about you & why Handwriting Never Lies keep reading.
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The letter "t" is one of the most important letters in analyzing handwriting because it reveals more than 80 different personality character traits.

One little sentence can tell you so much. Click here to see for yourself!


Using the ancient and respected science of graphology, a handwriting analysis expert can reveal how a person thinks, feels and acts (or will act) just by looking at their handwriting sample.
               Hidden in wide loops and
                slanted letters are hints of
                     the writer's personality
                          and quirks revealing
                            the writer's faults,
                            fears, motivations,
                            temper, ambitions
                            and more. Although
                             no single
                                component can
                                 define a person,
                                   in handwriting
                                      every stroke
                                        equals a trait
                                          and every
                                           trait equals
                                            a behavior.


Handwriting analysis can be used for many purposes including dating compatibility, understanding your mate, hiring, recruiting, career guidance, and child development. And it can also reveal behavior, criminal intent and moral character. As a handwriting analysis expert, I can provide you with valuable information that is an effective way to screen prospective dates and develop a deeper understanding of the people you date, live with and marry. I can show you how handwriting reveals how a person will react to situations and people showing strengths, weaknesses, gifts and talents. Looks can be deceiving but handwriting NEVER lies!


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We offer an extensive line of Quick Guides. These Quick Guides are perfect for the expert wanting to make the most of their handwriting analysis or as a great reference for someone just curious about handwriting analysis.


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Handwriting Analysis is Empowering


How well do you really know a person?
Handwriting can reveal if they are...
friend or foe
sane or lunatic
creative or drab
ambition or lazy
committed or fickle
trustworthy or whether you should
Handwriting Revealed talkative
Handwriting Revealed talkative

Handwriting Revealed sensitive
Handwriting Revealed sensitive

Handwriting Revealed acquistiviness
Handwriting Revealed acquistiviness

Handwriting Revealed talkative
Handwriting Revealed talkative


handwriting analysis

a single sentence
can provide insight into background, psychology and


what does your 't' say about you?